5 Simple Ways to Cut Utility Payments

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5 Simple Ways to Cut Utility Payments If you’re like most homeowners, utility payments make up a sizeable chunk of your monthly budget. The good news is that with some simple tweaks to your home and lifestyle, it’s possible to reduce the amount you pay for gas, electric, water, and other utilities. Here are five Read more…

Are You Replacing Your Roof? Install Ventilation

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We have previously mentioned some of the side effects of bad roofing ventilation and why it’s important to have roofing ventilation, and we want to touch on this point again. Many homes that are built have sub-optimal roofing ventilation systems, because a lot of non-custom home builders either have general handymen and women (installers who are handy, Read more…

Do Not Delay Replacing Gutters in Salem

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We have previously talked about some of the ways you can tell if your home needs new gutters, but in this post, we will break down why it is critically important that you replace your gutters if they are showing signs of distress. To recap our previous post about gutter replacement, you should consider replacing your Read more…