Bee Infestation in Your Roof? Here’s What You Need to Know

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You woke up to a beautiful day. The sun is shining. It’s warm out. Spring is in full swing. It’s good enough to put some pep into anyone’s step. There’s only one problem. You’ve got some uninvited visitors hanging around outside. There’s a beehive peeking out from the edge of the roof. It’s a big one, and there’s a lot of activity buzzing around up there. You have the philosophy of ‘live and let live’. You don’t want to harm the bees, but you can’t leave them alone. Bees can unfortunately become a hazard. You need to know what to do about your bee infestation.

Why are Bees Hanging Out at Your House?

Bees send out scouts when they are searching for a good location to build a hive. They love to find places with deep recesses that are dark. A cave, an opening in some rocks, or a tree that is decaying inside create the perfect space for a bee’s home. Unfortunately, your roof fits their requirements as well. They can penetrate all the way to your walls. Carpenter bees can burrow in wood, so you might need to paint and treat wood on your property to deter them. Some bees also build nests in rodent holes, under compost piles, under sheds, in birdhouses, in hollow logs and fence posts, and in trees. Most bees won’t find any predators in your roof, so they don’t have to worry about anything bothering them. They can get to work.

Source: Sage Pest Control | What To Do About Bees In or Near Your Home

Once they do, you could have a serious problem as their honey seeps in and weighs down the structure of your roof. They might burrow all the way into your walls as they build their hive, leaving more destruction in their path. One way or another, they’ve got to go.

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How to Get Those Bees to Buzz Off

If you are actually going to try and get rid of your bees by yourself, you need to prepare yourself. You should cover yourself from head to toe. Wear pants and long sleeves. Don’t forget closed-toe shoes and gloves. Put a scarf over your face and wear a hat. You want to reduce your chances of getting stung. If you attempt to exterminate them by yourself with various products that are available, you are going to be in for a fight. They’ll get angry as soon as you attack their hive. You also need to remember that you need to completely eliminate the problem, including any part of the nest that has penetrated deeply beneath your roof.

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To be safe, consider calling insect exterminators or a beekeeper. Beekeepers know the proper way to safely remove the bee colony from your home, and will give them a new home. Exterminators may use smoke and other equipment to eliminate the problem, so depending on how deeply they’ve penetrated your home, you might have to leave for some time.

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Contact the experts in your area to make your bees go away. When you team up with those who are in the know, you can avoid getting stung. This is especially important if anyone in your home is allergic to bees. If you can spare the bees, even better.

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